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Karen Bengry Biography

Karen Bengry is a Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay Inc., a renowned and trusted global name in skin care, makeup and body care. Experimentation with different colors and styles has led Ms. Bengry toward a path to success in her role, bringing out the best in clients from far and wide. Ms. Bengry excels in the development of a growing customer base, and she regularly contacts people to conduct beauty consultations and educate them on skin care and proper makeup use.

Ms. Bengry feels that she has been able to thrive as a beauty consultant due to the business background that she developed early on. She became involved in her profession because she wanted to receive a discount on the products she was using, and help other women. She strives to empower women everywhere by making them feel beautiful, inside and out.

Ms. Bengry’s business savvy and people skills have given her the tools she has needed to accomplish her goals with Mary Kay Inc., however, she continues to make every effort to make her dreams come true with the company, as well as those of the women she encounters each and every day. In addition to the work she fulfills with Mary Kay Inc., Ms. Bengry supports such worthy causes as Dinner At Your Door.

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